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Getting started

  1. General considerations prior to using the API:

    • The company that is going to use the API must have a valid username and password in the DANAConnect platform.
    • For security reasons, the user who is going to use the API must have a special permission. Your DANAConnect Account Manager must ensure that this permission is enabled.
    • Some of DANAConnect API work on Conversations (flows) that have previously been created and are active in the platform. This means that you must have the Conversation ID (conversationID) for this flow. You can see how to find this ID below, in point 3.
    • The specific considerations for each API are included in the API specification
  2. Authentication to the API

    The API uses the same user credential system that is used to enter the DANAConnect platform.
    The method used for all DANAConnect APIs is HTTP BASIC AUTH, which is based on login and password authentication.

    Login: The login consists of the username concatenated with an @ and followed by the company code.

    Login example:
    - Platform username: myuser
    - Company code: mycompanycode
    - Login for DANAConnect API: myuser@mycompanycode
    - Password: The password you should use for API authentication is the same as you use for login to the DANAConnect platform.


  1. Finding the Conversation ID

    For most DANAConnect API requests, you will need to send the Conversation ID as a parameter
    This conversation ID refers to the number assigned to the activation of the flow and can be found by logging into the DANAConnect platform and looking in the activation report for the conversation you need to refer to.
    It is important to mention that every time a conversation is reactivated, a new Conversation ID will be generated.
    Here is a video explaining how to find the conversation ID:

  2. Finding the tableCode

    When using the Contact Bulk Load API you will need to pass the parameter tableCode in order to make a request. This parameter tableCode corresponds to the logical code of the database that should have been previously created in the DANAConnect platform where you wish to import the data. This code can be found by entering the Contact Manager module inside the DANAConnect platform and looking for the database to be used in the database list.
    Here is a video explaining how to find the tableCode: